When cuddling becomes pleasurable

Let’s face it: you either shake hands, pat a shoulder or hop in the sack with each other—there’s almost nothing in between. We will close this gap with this cuddlepary in Berlin! We will cuddle without restraint, give in to your longing for closeness and security, exchange intimate hugs and feel the heat of each other’s bodies tightly embraced. We form a fusion for time that comes together to enjoy sensual touch, deep relaxation and security.

We wouldn’t be Insomnia if we didn’t go a little further: There is a fine line from harmless cuddling to intentional touching, and so there will be a second part of the party where everyone can consider whether they want to join in or leave it at intentional cuddling.

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Kinky Cuddling is going on tour!

On October 21st, 2023, Barcelona will be cuddled up!

The somewhat different
cuddle party in Berlin

The ultimate cuddle party

This loving cuddle party always takes place on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the large hall of Insomnia. This cuddle party starts cheerfully and with intentionless cuddling. During the evening a wonderful energy builds up. In the second part of the cuddle party the participants can decide for themselves whether they want to leave it at cuddling or take it a step further.

Kinky cuddling

This fun cuddle party takes place every month in the base end of Insomnia. The snuggle party starts unintentionally, but becomes more and more solid and sensual in the course of the evening. It can happen that it ends in an exciting orgy.

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Kinky Cuddling is going on tour!

On October 21st, 2023, Barcelona will be cuddled up!

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About me

As a trained Sexological Bodyworker and trainer according to Matrix Inform, I see many challenges in the intimate lives of many people.

Therefore, I have a great interest in the healthy sexuality of my fellow human beings.

In sensitive coaching sessions for women and couples and loving, intensive evenings, I use my skills and knowledge to be a part of healing and reawakening a fun and joyful love life.

More about my work as a coach and trainer is on www.happy-sexcoaching.de

ATTENTION!!! I want to come to you with my cuddle parties! If you know a club or location in your area where a cuddle party would be possible, let me know. I look forward to your message.

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